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Matchbox MB38 Ford Model A Van 'Kelloggs'

Matchbox MB38 Ford Model A Van 'Kelloggs'

Ref: 28977

Excellent, Box Poor
Price: 1.75

Blue body, black chassis and wings and white plastic roof. Black 'Made in Macau' base. Chrome grille, headlights and front bumper, clear window glazing. 'Kellogg's Corn Flakes' advert labels on the sides. Wheels are wide Superfast with 'dot-dash' hub design in chrome.

The model is in excellent condition, with slight discolouration of one label. It was originally sold as an on-pack promotion, and comes in its plain mail order box which is rather battered and missing an end flap.

Length: 75mm.
Approx Years: 1983 -
Model Condition: Excellent, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 85g

MB38 Ford Model A Van 'Kelloggs'

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