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Matchbox MB45 Ford Group 6

Matchbox MB45 Ford Group 6

Ref: 34691

Excellent, Box Good

Price: 25.50

This attractive model is in metallic green with silver plated engine, rear lights and exhausts. The base is gloss black and the interior is off-white with clear glazing. Rectangular racing number 7 label on the front, and wide Superfast wheels with 5-spoke silver hub detailing.

This example has shiny, unmarked paintwork, and is mint apart from some ageing of the label. The box is good-to-excellent, with slight crushing and some wear to the edges of the end flaps.

Length: 75mm.
Approx Years: 1970 - 1971
Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 50g

MB45 Ford Group 6

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