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Matchbox 46a Morris Minor 1000

Matchbox 46a Morris Minor 1000

Ref: 34405

Excellent, Box Poor

Price: 64.00

The ever-popular Morris Minor 1000. This one is in the rarer blue colour, with silver grille, bumpers and headlights, and red rear lights. The base is gloss black and the wheels are grey plastic with 18 treads, on crimped axles. The underside of the roof has 7 pips and an ejector ring (for those interested in these things!)

This is a very nice example with shiny paintwork. There are a couple of tiny chips, one on the front of the bonnet and another on the driver's side right wing. The axles are almost rust-free. The type B3 box is not so good; it has general age wear and crushing, two detached inner flaps, and one end flap with no tab and held on with tape.

Scale: 1:72
Length: 53mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1960
Condition: Excellent, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 50g

46a Morris Minor 1000

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