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Matchbox 51c AEC 8-Wheel Tipper

Matchbox 51c AEC 8-Wheel Tipper

Ref: 30842

Excellent, Box Fair

Price: 49.00

In yellow with silver-grey tipper and chrome plated base, grille and bumper. This is a scarce version of the model, having 'DOUGLAS' labels on the tipper sides. These are normally found on the earlier version with orange cab and chassis, whereas the yellow version is more usually found with 'Pointer' labels. The tipper operates with a stay to hold it in the raised position, and the tail flap is hinged. The windows have a blue tint.

This example is in near mint condition with just a couple of micro chips on the edge of the mudguards. The labels are perfect and the axles are rust-free. The original type F1 box shows the more usual orange version of the model. It is complete but one end flap is detached and the other is held on with tape.

Scale: 1:92
Length: 77mm.
Approx Years: 1969 - 1970
Condition: Excellent, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 50g

51c AEC 8-Wheel Tipper

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