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Matchbox Assorted Miniatures x 6

Matchbox Assorted Miniatures x 6

Ref: 29176

Poor, Unboxed

Price: 2.00

Six assorted Matchbox miniatures, all made in Macau/China from 1982 onwards.

No.4 FX4R Taxi (My First Matchbox).
Yellow, blue interior, unpainted metal base and grille. 'abc Taxi' and balloon graphics. Opening passenger doors. Red plastic wheels. Fair-to-good condition, chipping along the roof edges.

No.17 Leyland Titan Bus 'London-Wide Tour Bus'.
Red, white interior, black base and grille. London-wide Tour Bus adverts in blue, red, yellow, black and white. General play wear and some rust on the front axle.

No.54 Command Vehicle.
Yellow, black plastic base, grille and roof beacons. Red swivelling foam nozzle. '3 Foam Unit Metro Airport' tampo print in red and white. Heavy paint chipping around the edges.

No.58 Faun Dump Truck.
Yellow, red tipper, black base. Tipping rear. Tipper hinge is rather loose.

No.59 Porsche 928.
Black, red interior, light silver-grey base. Opening doors. Porsche and stripes tampo print in white.

No.62 Volvo 760
Red, black interior, black base and bumpers. Silver headlights. Opening doors. Heavily chipped.

Approx Years: 1982 -
Condition: Poor, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 325g

Assorted Miniatures x 6

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