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Matchbox Assorted Regular Wheel x 6

Matchbox Assorted Regular Wheel x 6

Ref: 33033

Poor, Unboxed

Price: 11.00

A selection of six 'regular wheel' miniatures from the 1960s, all heavily play worn and some with bits missing:

31b Ford Station Wagon.
Light metallic green with pale pink roof and maroon base. Silver plastic wheels. The tow hook is broken off and the front axle is bent.

13d Dodge Breakdown Truck.
Yellow and green, black plastic wheels. Tow hook missing.

59b Ford Fairlane Fire Chief.
Red, white roof light and interior, black plastic wheels.

75b Ferrari Berlinetta.
Metallic green, white interior and tow hook, unpainted metal base. Spoked 'wire' wheels with black tyres.

60a Morris J2 Pick-Up.
Light blue, black base, silver plastic wheels. Cab has rear window. 'Builders Supply Company' decals in red and white, almost completely missing from one side.

38c Honda Motorcycle Trailer.
Yellow, 'Honda' labels in red and yellow. Motorcycle is missing.

Condition: Poor, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 300g

Assorted Regular Wheel x 6

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