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Matchbox G4 Convoy Gift Set

Matchbox G4 Convoy Gift Set

Ref: 35945

Excellent. Box Fair

Price: 23.00

This set contains:

CY3 Double Container Truck.
Kenworth Aerodyne tractor unit in red with silver plated parts and black and white stripes. Black semi trailer with two light beige containers with 'UNIROYAL' labels.

CY7 Peterbilt Gas Tanker.
Black tractor unit with silver plated parts and red and white stripes. Semi trailer with black chassis, yellow tank and red hose connectors. 'SUPERGAS' labels in black, red, yellow and white.

CY9 Kenworth Box Truck.
Cabover tractor unit in white with silver plated parts and orange and yellow stripes. Semi trailer with red chassis, red box body with white roof and opening rear doors. 'MATCHBOX' labels on the sides in orange, yellow and white.

MB10 Plymouth Gran Fury Police.
Black and white, with unpainted base, white interior and blue tinted windows and roof lights. 'Metro POLICE TRAFFIC CONTROL' tampo prints and '012' on the roof.

MB61 Peterbilt Wrecker.
Red, with silver plated parts and 'Eddies Wrecker' tampo prints. Twin black plastic crane jibs can be swivelled to the side.

The set is packed in a window box with rigid plastic internal tray; this can be combined with the cut-out bottom of the box to turn it into a lorry park (or truck stop if you prefer).

The vehicles are in excellent condition; the police car has a little rubbing around the edges and tampo prints, and the Box Truck has some light paint chipping on the edges of the cab roof. The box is fair-to-good; there are some tape marks and the window is mostly detached and rather worn.

Length, longest truck: 172mm.
Approx Years: 1982 -
Condition: Excellent. Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 703g

G4 Convoy Gift Set

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