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Matchbox G5 Army Gift Set

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Matchbox G5 Army Gift Set

Ref: 35107

Excellent, box Good

Price: 425.00

An exceptionally well preserved example of this hard-to-find gift set. The box is in much better condition than usually seen, and the models have bright, shiny axles and are in mint condition except where noted below:

M3 Mighty Antar Tank Transporter with Centurion Tank.
Transporter is an early release with silver trim to the bumpers and headlights. Coarse-treaded wheels on rounded axles. There is a small paint chip on the rear edge of the cab roof, and a couple of scuff marks on the trailer load bed. The tank has unpainted metal rollers and original grey tracks which are still supple.

54a Saracen Armoured Troop Carrier.
Earlier casting with aerial mounts but with one end of the baseplate closed off. 30-tread wheels on crimped axles.

62a AEC General Service Truck.
Silver trim to headlights and bumper, coarse treaded wheels on rounded axles. Very slight paint rubbing to the tow hook and bumper.

63a Ford 4x4 Service Ambulance.
Coarse treaded wheels on rounded axles. Some paint rubbing to the body corners. Decals are undamaged. There is just a hint of silver paint on the front bumper.

64a Scammell Recovery Truck.
Early casting, with 18mm green metal hook. 30 tread wheels on rounded axles.

67a Saladin Armoured Car.
Wheels have 30 treads, on rounded axles. The usual small rub marks where the turret has been rotated, and very slight rust on two axle ends; otherwise mint.

68a Austin MKII Radio Truck.
Silver trim to the headlights and bumper, coarse tread wheels on rounded axles. There is a small paint chip on each of the wheel arches on one side, along with two smaller ones on the roof edge. There are also two micro chips on the roof.

This set comes in a sleeve-and-drawer box with internal dividers. The dividers are in very good condition apart from the usual tear midway along the top of the tank transporter section. The sleeve illustrations replicate the design of the individually boxed models, apart from the tank transporter which is shown as a line drawing in a central 'splash'. The individual boxes are shown as type C ('A Lesney' rather than 'A Moko Lesney' lettering), available only during 1961. The sleeve has a little wear around the corners and ends but overall is very good indeed. There is a price marked on the back in pencil; it looks like 1600 Lira!

Box size: 205 x 110 x 35mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1961
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 488g

G5 Army Gift Set

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