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Matchbox G7 Car Ferry

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Matchbox G7 Car Ferry

Ref: 36581

Fair, box Good

Price: 12.50

This plastic car ferry has a blue hull, red deck, yellow ramp, and white cabin with yellow roof. The ramp folds up and down. With 'HERON' labels on the bow sides, and a triangle motif on either side of the funnel. Underneath are black plastic wheels on metal axles.

This model would originally have come with four boxed Matchbox models, as is the flag and mast for the cabin roof. In other respects it is in good condition, and comes in an illustrated card box which has general moderate wear around the edges and flaps.

Length: 282mm.
Approx Years: 1972 - 1977
Condition: Fair, box Good
Shipping Weight: 330g

G7 Car Ferry

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