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Matchbox King Size EM10 ERF Simon Snorkel Fire Engine Set

Matchbox King Size EM10 ERF Simon Snorkel Fire Engine Set

Ref: 37563

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Good, box Fair

Price: 8.00

This set consists of K39 Simon Snorkel fire engine with 3 firefighter figures. The vehicle is red, with black grille and four black retractable stabilisers. The cab has a black interior with blue tinted windows and roof lights, and a black grille with silver lights and ERF badge.

The twin booms can be swivelled, and raised and lowered independently by turning the red plastic knobs on the side. Fully extended, the top of the cradle reaches 390mm from the ground. The upper boom is plastic, and has two red plastic extension ladders clipped to the sides.

Other features include a hose reel and opening rear panel. 'County Fire Department' labels with shield on the sides. The three figures are in various poses, and one is holding a hose nozzle which may be attached to the hose.

This example is in very good condition; just a little dusty, and the plastic parts of the boom have discoloured somewhat. Th figures are present and correct. The box is very worn, with tearing at the front and splits in the internal tray and window.

Length: 265mm.
Approx Years: 1991 - c.1996
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 865g

EM10 ERF Simon Snorkel Fire Engine Set

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