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Matchbox King Size K1-2 Foden Tipper Truck

Matchbox King Size K1-2 Foden Tipper Truck

Ref: 36287

Fair. Unboxed

Price: 3.00

This is a King-Size version of the smaller Matchbox 'regular wheel' model number 17d. This larger version features glazing, roof horns, separate red wheel hubs and a realistic 'hydraulic' tipping mechanism with twin rams and hinged tailboard. In other respects it is the same, with red cab and chassis, orange tipper and 'HOVERINGHAM' decals. This is the version with white suspension units.

This example has general paint chipping, heavy on the cab, and one of the air horns has broken off. Decals are about 80% intact, and the tipping mechanism and tailboard work correctly. The tyres are a little loose on the wheels as is common with this model, and there is some corrosion on the axles.

Length: 110mm.
Approx Years: 1963 - 1971
Condition: Fair. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 185g

K1-2 Foden Tipper Truck

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