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Matchbox King Size K14-1 Jumbo Crane

Matchbox King Size K14-1 Jumbo Crane

Ref: 32248

Good, Box Good
Price: 23.25

This is one of several Matchbox King Size models which were scaled-up versions of their smaller counterparts in the 1-75 series. The larger scale allows for more detail, and the King Size Jumbo Crane has a clever 3-part body/chassis casting. The body weight box and crane jib are finished in yellow. The hook is unpainted metal and is attached to the jib by a plastic 'cable'. The jib is supported by a 'hydraulic' piston and can be raised, lowered and swivelled. Wheels are red plastic with black tyres and the cab windows are green tinted. 'Taylor Jumbo Crane' and front bumper decals.

This is example is in good condition, with some chipping to the rear edge of the weight box and corners of the mudguards. There is a tiny bit missing from one corner of the rear decal, while the front one is 100% intact. The tyres are loose on the hubs, as is common with these models. The original box is complete, but has some light crushing and creasing to the plain sides and one end flap.

Approx Years: 1964 -
Model Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 150g

K14-1 Jumbo Crane

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