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Matchbox King Size K15-1 Merryweather Fire Engine

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Matchbox King Size K15-1 Merryweather Fire Engine

Ref: 36286

Fair, unboxed

Price: 12.75

Red, with silver grille, green tinted windows and black base. The light grey extendible ladder is in metal and plastic with a gold control panel, and may be swivelled and elevated, supported by a 'hydraulic' ram. There are two light gold bells on the roof, and 'KENT FIRE BRIGADE' decals on the sides, with shield and 'No15'. Wheels are red plastic with black tyres.

In fair--to-good condition, with moderate play wear particularly at the rear of the cab. There is a small crack in one corner of the glazing unit. There is a rung missing from the plastic section of the ladder.

Length: 155mm.
Approx Years: 1964 - 1971
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 235g

K15-1 Merryweather Fire Engine

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