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Matchbox King Size K16-2 Ford Articulated Petrol Tanker 'Texaco'

Matchbox King Size K16-2 Ford Articulated Petrol Tanker 'Texaco'

Ref: 37280

Super Kings
Reservation limit: 30 days
Fair, box Fair

Price: 11.25

Tractor: pearly silver chassis, metallic red body, green tinted windows, and chrome exhausts and interior. 'TEXACO' labels on the doors and red and yellow stripes on the bonnet. Opening bonnet with chrome engine and black grille. Trailer: red chassis, white tank with silver catwalk, black side stripe, rear bumper bars and font steps. 'TEXACO' labels on the tank sides and rear. 'LONG VEHICLE' label on the rear. Trailer may be decoupled and has drop-down jockey wheels.

Generally in good condition, but one side of the tank has discoloured through exposure to sunlight, and the label on that side is slightly faded. Also the side hoses are missing. The box is heavily worn, with a torn window and one end of the inner lining missing.

Length: 226mm.
Approx Years: 1974 -
Condition: Fair, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 437g

K16-2 Ford Articulated Petrol Tanker 'Texaco'

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