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Matchbox King Size K23-2 Low Loader and Bulldozer

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Matchbox King Size K23-2 Low Loader and Bulldozer

Ref: 35941

NEW ARRIVAL  Super Kings
Excellent, Box Fair

Price: 32.00

Scammell Crusader tractor unit with orange cab, pearly grey chassis, black grille and interior, and silver plated exhausts. The 2-axle trailer is matching orange, and may be decoupled.

The bulldozer is yellow with pearly silver blade and base, and silver plated engine, intakes and exhausts. It has black tracks on black rollers. The front of the trailer may be removed, enabling loading of the bulldozer by means of the operable winch mounted at the trailer's rear. All wheels have a 'Maltese cross' design.

This example is in excellent condition, just a few tiny rubs where the trailer front has been removed and replaced. The window box is complete, but is rather worn with some tape marks and crumpling to the window.

Length: 248mm.
Approx Years: 1978 -
Condition: Excellent, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 573g

K23-2 Low Loader and Bulldozer

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