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Matchbox King Size K25-2 Digger and Plough

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Matchbox King Size K25-2 Digger and Plough

Ref: 35352

Super Kings
Excellent, box Poor

Price: 15.00

This digger is orange with silver-grey backhoe, red interior and chrome engine and grille. The orange cast metal snow plough at the front is removable. 'Muir Hill 161' labels on the engine cover and 'MH6' on the backhoe. The backhoe slews and is articulated with 3 'hydraulic' pistons. The cab has clear glazing and twin unpainted metal horns on the roof. There is a white plastic driver figure and chrome steering wheel inside. The model has red plastic wheels with black tyres and is fitted with a tow hook.

The model is excellent, there are a few little marks on the edge of the plough and some rubs on the edges of the mudguards. The box is worn, has tape marks on the back, and has lost its inner tray and window.

Length: 198mm.
Approx Years: 1978 -
Condition: Excellent, box Poor
Shipping Weight: 269g

K25-2 Digger and Plough

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