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Matchbox King Size K40-2 Delivery Truck and Fork Lift

Matchbox King Size K40-2 Delivery Truck and Fork Lift

Ref: 35940

RESERVED UNTIL 07/04/20  Super Kings
Excellent. Box Poor

Price: 18.75

Ford 3-axle rigid delivery truck with curtainside box body. Dark blue chassis, white cab and rear body, mid blue roof and dark blue tinted windows. The rear and sides are in blue and red 'PEPSI' livery, and the sides may be rolled up and latched into place. Inside are two dark brown pallets with blue bottle crate loads. These may be loaded by the fork lift truck, which is the MB15 model in red with unpainted metal base and mast with orange-red modified plastic forks. An elastic band provides a spring to raise the forks after being pressed down, and the mast can be tilted. With Lansing Bagnall labels on the sides and an unpainted metal base.

The models are in excellent condition; there is a little loss of print from the truck's sides. The window box is worn and crumpled, and the plastic inner tray is missing.

Length: 153mm.
Approx Years: 1980 -
Condition: Excellent. Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 401g

K40-2 Delivery Truck and Fork Lift

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