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Matchbox King Size K41-1 Fuzz Buggy

Matchbox King Size K41-1 Fuzz Buggy

Ref: 33192

Speed Kings
Fair, Box Fair

Price: 6.75

White, with orange lift-up door/roof, silver grille and black base. Yellow interior with white steering wheel. Amber windscreen and dome lights, black and silver engine.

This example is in reasonably good condition with aerial intact and only a little paint chipping at the front. The window glazing unit has distorted slightly with age, so the roof does not quite close fully. Note that there are no 'Police' labels. The box is rather grubby and has lost its window.

Length: 109mm.
Approx Years: 1973 - 1976
Condition: Fair, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 188g

K41-1 Fuzz Buggy

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