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Matchbox King Size K41-2 Brabham BT 44B

Matchbox King Size K41-2 Brabham BT 44B

Ref: 36049

RESERVED UNTIL 09/05/20  Speed Kings
Excellent. Unboxed

Price: 8.75

This car was raced in 1975 Grand Prix season by the Martini team, although the Matchbox model is in the red colour of the 1976 BT 45 instead of the correct white. It has a silver and black engine, silver suspension and roll bar, white driver figure and opaque black windscreen. Racing number 7 and 'Martini Racing' tampo prints including red, blue and white stripes. The wheels have a silver 'Maltese cross' hub design.

In excellent condition.

Length: 119mm.
Approx Years: 1977 - 1980
Condition: Excellent. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 142g

K41-2 Brabham BT 44B

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