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Matchbox King Size K41-3 JCB 808 Excavator

Matchbox King Size K41-3 JCB 808 Excavator

Ref: 35932

NEW ARRIVAL  Super Kings
Excellent, Box Fair

Price: 25.50

This feature-packed model is in yellow with red bucket, white cab and black engine and other parts. It has a 2-part digger arm with black plastic hydraulic pipes, manually adjustable and with 'hydraulic' rams that hold it in position. The red metal bucket is operated by a spring-loaded push button. The crane body swivels on its chassis and also features an opening engine cover and tilting cab with glazing, red interior and white driver. With 'JCB' and '808' labels in black on a yellow background and red and white stripe labels on the sides. The tracks are black rubber on black plastic rollers.

This is an excellent example with only a few light paint rubs on the edges of the arm and some small chips on the engine cover. The box is heavily worn, with splits and holes in the window. The internal tray is still present though.

Length is with arm fully extended.

Length: 255mm.
Approx Years: 1981 -
Condition: Excellent, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 469g

K41-3 JCB 808 Excavator

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