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Matchbox King Size K5-2 Racing Car Transporter

Matchbox King Size K5-2 Racing Car Transporter

Ref: 31831

NEW ARRIVAL  Model near mint
Excellent, Box Fair
Price: 36.00

This racing car transporter is finished in green with silver grille and headlights, cream interior and silver ramps and base. The wheels are red plastic with black tyres. The rear ramp folds down to reveal an upper and lower deck which can each accommodate a Matchbox 1-75 series racing car. A simple but effective spring mechanism holds the top deck in place, but if you pull it back slightly it can be lowered and raised for loading.

Both the cab and load area feature a panoramic sun roof, and the cab has enough seats for the whole racing team! There are 'Racing Transporter' decals on the sides as well as the 'BP' logo and a list of famous Grand Prix circuits.

This example is in excellent near mint condition, with no damage to the decals and only a few tiny rubs in raised edges. The tyres are rather loose on the hubs as is common with this model. The box is in fair condition with fading and staining, although there are no tears in the window.

Length: 129mm.
Approx Years: 1967 - 1970
Model Condition: Excellent, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 235g

K5-2 Racing Car Transporter

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