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Matchbox King Size K57 Drag Race Pack

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Matchbox King Size K57 Drag Race Pack

Ref: 35944

NEW ARRIVAL  Speed Kings
Excellent, Box Good

Price: 48.50

This set consists of K54 AMX Javelin and K39 'Milligans Mill' dragster on a yellow trailer. The Javelin is red with silver-grey base, green tinted windows and silver plated grille, bumpers and tail panel. The white and black central stripe incorporates racing number 24 at the front and 'Firestone' on the roof. The doors also have racing number 24, and they open to reveal a yellow interior. The yellow trailer has a metal chassis and plastic platform.

The dragster is green with a black base, and the body flips up to reveal an orange interior with white steering wheel and silver plated engine and exhausts. A folding prop holds the body up. The body is decorated with flame labels, with 'Millifans Mill' on the sides, racing number 39 on the front, and sponsor logos on the rear deck.

In excellent condition; slight ageing of he door labels on the Javelin, and a couple of tiny chips on one of the trailer's mudguards. The box has general light wear and the window is detached and crumpled. The plastic inner tray is still present.

Length: 245mm.
Approx Years: 1975 -
Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 415g

K57 Drag Race Pack

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