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Matchbox King Size K64 Fire Control Range Rover

Matchbox King Size K64 Fire Control Range Rover

Ref: 32026

Super Kings
Excellent, Box Poor

Price: 12.50

This Range Rover-based fire engine is orangey-red with yellow tailgate, chrome plated grille, and black interior, base and roof rack. It has 'Fire Control' labels on the sides and '12' on the bonnet in yellow and red. Drop-down tailgate, control panels in black with chrome plated instruments etc. The model is fitted with a tow hook and roof rack with white ladder, chrome plated swivelling searchlight and twin bare metal air horns. Windows and roof lights are amber tinted.

The model itself is in near mint condition, and is complete with 2 firefighter figures and hose, albeit a rather short one! The box is missing its inner lining and has suffered some crushing; the window is present but detached.

Length: 120mm.
Approx Years: 1978 -
Condition: Excellent, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 235g

K64 Fire Control Range Rover

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