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Matchbox King Size K66 Jaguar XJ12

Matchbox King Size K66 Jaguar XJ12

Ref: 34137

Bulgarian Issue
Excellent, box Fair

Price: 26.00

During the 1980s, several Matchbox 1-75 and King Size models were made under licence in Bulgaria. The moulds for older Matchbox models were leased to the manufacturer, with wheels and some other small parts being supplied by Matchbox. These models were available in a wide range of colours.

This one is a 'civilian' version of the earlier K66 XJ12 police car, which also appeared as K69 in a car and caravan set. This Bulgarian version is mid green, with silver plated grille, bumpers and headlights. With black interior, tow hook and base with 'Made in Bulgaria'. Untinted windows, opening boot, and wheels with silver plated 'alloy' centres.

This one is in excellent condition. There are two small paint marks on the front wings; at first sight they appear to be chips but on closer inspection seem to be manufacturing defects, probably caused by air bubbles or impurities on the casting surface. There are some slight scuffs on the rear window, again probably caused during manufacture as this model appears never to have been played with. It comes with its original card plinth and 'bubble' packaging. The bubble has discoloured slightly and has split at both ends; there is a price label on the top.

Scale: 1:38
Length exc tow bar: 123mm.
Approx Years: 1988 -
Condition: Excellent, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 207g

K66 Jaguar XJ12

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