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Matchbox King Size K66 Jaguar XJ12 Police Patrol

Matchbox King Size K66 Jaguar XJ12 Police Patrol

Ref: 35915

RESERVED UNTIL 03/04/20  Super Kings
Excellent, Box Poor

Price: 17.50

This set consists of a Jaguar XJ12 police car, two police motorcycles with riders, and an assortment of traffic cones and signs.

The car is white, with brown interior and tow bar. Silver plated bumpers, grille, headlights and searchlight. Yellow side stripe labels with dark blue outline, black and white chequers below, and 'County Police' badge. Twin blue roof lights, rotatable searchlight and roof signs: 'POLICE' at the front, 'POLICE STOP' at the rear. Opening boot and 'Maltese cross' wheels.

The motorcycles are white with silver plated engines and exhausts, 'POLICE' labels on the panniers, and riders in dark blue uniforms with white helmets. With 3 traffic cones, 2 folding 'POLICE ACCIDENT' signs, and 3 other portable road signs.

The models are in excellent condition, although there should be 8 cones. The car has tiny rubs on the corners. The window box is in poor condition, crumpled and torn, and missing its inner lining.

Scale: 1:38
Length inc tow bar: 130mm.
Approx Years: 1979 -
Condition: Excellent, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 357g

K66 Jaguar XJ12 Police Patrol

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