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Matchbox King Size K7-2 S&D Refuse truck

Matchbox King Size K7-2 S&D Refuse truck

Ref: 38736

REDUCED PRICE: was 40.00
Reservation limit: 30 days
Mint, box Fair

Price: 30.00

Red cab and chassis, silver-grey rear body, black base. The cab has a silver grille and headlights, and a cream interior. The two-part rear body has 'CLEANSING SERVICE' decals on the sides, and a tipping action for emptying the contents. Wheels are red plastic with black tyres, double at the rear.

This example is as new - the tyres are a little loose on the hubs as is common with this model. The window box has no inner lining, but the outer box is good, just a small tear on the front and a partly detached window. A price of 7/11 (seven shillings and elevenpence) is written on the front in pencil.

Length: 117mm.
Approx Years: 1967 - 1972
Condition: Mint, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 270g

K7-2 S&D Refuse truck

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