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Matchbox King Size K84 Peugeot 305

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Matchbox King Size K84 Peugeot 305

Ref: 35933

NEW ARRIVAL  Super Kings
Mint, Box Poor

Price: 12.00

This Peugeot in rally trim is white with black base, bumpers, grille and tow bar. There are various decals in blue, red and white, including stripes, 'Expo', 'Rally Sports' and racing number 14. The opening doors reveal a detailed black interior, and the boot opens also. With amber 'glazed' headlights, orange-red rear lights, and 'MTT 614S' number plates. Wheels have silver 5-spoke centres.

This example is in mint condition. The outer box is fair, with some crumpling but no splits in the window. The inner card tray, however, is missing.

Length: 127mm.
Approx Years: 1981 -
Condition: Mint, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 234g

K84 Peugeot 305

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