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Matchbox Major Packs M8b Guy Warrior Car Transporter

Matchbox Major Packs M8b Guy Warrior Car Transporter

Ref: 34682

Excellent, Box Good

Price: 38.50

This car transporter has a blue-green tractor unit with green tinted windows and silver trim, and an orange trailer with capacity for four cars. The rear ramp and upper deck fold down for loading. The trailer has 'Farnborough-Measham' and 'Car Auction Collection' decals in white with a black outline. The orange wheels have grey tyres, double on the tractor rear axle.

In excellent condition, bright paintwork and only a few paint chips. The axles are rust-free and the decals are perfect. The tyres are a little loose on the wheels as is common with this model. The box has some age wear and some holes in the base of the tray.

Length: 209mm.
Approx Years: 1964 -
Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 265g

M8b Guy Warrior Car Transporter

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