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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y4-2 1905 Shand-Mason Fire Engine

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y4-2 1905 Shand-Mason Fire Engine

Ref: 30291

Good, Box Good

Price: 57.00

This is the early 'Kent Fire Brigade' version of the Shand-Mason Fire Engine. The model is drawn by 2 white cast metal horses with grey manes and tails. The fire engine itself is red (of course!) with 'brass' pump and black metal spoked wheels. The rear step has 12 slots, marking this as an early casting: later ones had some of the slots filled in as the die deteriorated.

This one has excellent paintwork with perfect decals, but some 'super detailing' has been applied; the horses have additional gold trim to their harnesses and bridles, black hooves and matt grey manes and tails. In addition the firemen have gold tunic buttons and pink hands and faces with mouth and eyes picked out. Unusually, this work has been carried out to a high standard, making this a very attractive model to display. The axles are rust-free and the model comes in its original type D1 box which is complete although it has some age wear and a tape repair to one end flap.

Scale: 1:63
Length: 91mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1965
Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 125g

Y4-2 1905 Shand-Mason Fire Engine

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