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Matchbox SF2 Loop Set

Matchbox SF2 Loop Set

Ref: 22315

Good, box Fair

Price: 13.50

The set is complete, with a few extra bits, and in working order. It set contains:
1 Superfast Car (MB64 MG 1100, blue)
6 x 2ft Track Sections + 5 extra sections
1 Loop Support
5 Track Joiners + 1 extra joiner
1 Clamp
1 Catalogue

The car has a small paint chip on the roof but is otherwise excellent. The box is original and in fair condition; it has lost 2 inner flaps, and all the other flaps are held on with adhesive tape.

Box length: 615mm.
Approx Years: 1969 -
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 1340g

SF2 Loop Set

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