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Matchbox Skybusters SB39 Boeing Stearman

Matchbox Skybusters SB39 Boeing Stearman

Ref: 36384

Excellent, packaging Excellent

Price: 5.75

This Cadbury's promotional release is orange-yellow, with chrome engine, and black propeller. 'Crunchie' logos in red and white on the top and bottom of the wings, and on the fuselage sides, along with red and black stripes. Black plastic wheels and rear skid.

Excellent condition, small rubs to the tips of the upper wing. In a special Cadbury window box, which is excellent too.

Wingspan: 107mm.
Approx Years: 1992 -
Condition: Excellent, packaging Excellent
Shipping Weight: 141g

SB39 Boeing Stearman

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