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Minic 62M Fire Engine

Minic 62M Fire Engine

Ref: 37768

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Price: 105.48

This is the later, post-war version of 62ME, without the working headlights. Red tinplate body and base, with black wings and front bumper. Unpainted silver grille and headlights, gold door handles, red steering wheel. 2-part red plastic ladder on the roof, held together with metal clips, and a 'brass' bell on the passenger side window pillar. Brown plastic pump at the rear with 2-way hose connector also in brown. Cream hose with metal nozzle. Two opening hose lockers; the lower one was the battery compartment in the earlier 62ME version. 'MINIC' decal on upper body sides, Lines Bros 'Tri-ang' logo on lower body sides. The model is powered by a clockwork motor which drives the front axle. The wheels are the early tinplate type - later ones were cast - and have black tyres.

This one has very good paintwork, although some of the black has rubbed off the rear wings. There is some loss from the 'MINIC' decals. The ladder has lost several rungs but still has its 4 clips, and the bell is still present too. A couple of the tyres have deformed with age, but replica replacements are available from various sources. Likewise the hose has deteriorated with age, but the nozzle is still present so could easily be replaced. The clockwork motor works well and the key is still present.

The model comes in the earlier lidded card box which has some wear along the bottom edge, but the illustrated label on the lid is very well preserved.

Length: 153mm.
Approx Years: 1946 - 1956
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 255g

62M Fire Engine

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