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Minic 83M Farm Tractor

Minic 83M Farm Tractor

Ref: 28251

Good, box Good

Price: 37.00

Derived from the 11M crawler tractor, this post-war farm tractor used the same basic body but with a raised rear axle and the addition of rear mudguards. In red, with silver plated grille. The wheels are unpainted metal with black rubber tyres, and the front ones are driven by a clockwork motor.

This one is generally in good condition, with some paint loss from the top of the 'dashboard' and light corrosion at the top pf the radiator grille. The steering wheel is present, albeit rather loose, but the exhaust pipe is missing; on the original model appeared to be simply an unused rivet slotted into position, so a replacement should be easy to find! The motor works and is complete with key. The original box features illustrations of the model in red, black and white, and is in good-to-excellent condition.

Length: 87mm.
Approx Years: 1947 - 1956
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 147g

83M Farm Tractor

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