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Minic Ships M703 RMS Queen Mary

Minic Ships M703 RMS Queen Mary

Ref: 38357

Excellent, box Good

Price: 14.75

The Queen Mary was launched in 1934, and mainly served the Cunard Line's transatlantic service alongside RMS Queen Elizabeth.

This diecast model has a black hull, and white decks and superstructure with red-brown hatches. The two funnels are red and black, and there are two brown masts.

In excellent condition, with a few paint rubs on the edges. The masts are slightly different shades of brown, so one or both may be non-original or reproduction. The original yellow box has some ageing is creased on one side. The price of 7/- (seven shillings) is written on one end and one face.

Scale: 1:1200
Length: 259mm.
Approx Years: 1958 - 1965
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 256g

M703 RMS Queen Mary

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