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Minic Ships M761 HMS Swiftsure

Minic Ships M761 HMS Swiftsure

Ref: 38365

Reservation limit: 30 days
Mint, box Fair

Price: 10.50

HMS Swiftsure was the last Royal Navy cruiser to be completed during the World War II, and was fitted with pioneering radar equipment.

The model is finished in grey-blue, with black trim to the funnels etc. With 3 sets of guns which swivel, and a black plastic crane mounted midships.

In mint condition, in a yellow card box that has lost all its flaps at one end.

Scale: 1:1200
Length: 145mm.
Approx Years: 1958 - 1965
Condition: Mint, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 105g

M761 HMS Swiftsure

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