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NZG 191 Kramer Allrad Wheel Loader

NZG 191 Kramer Allrad Wheel Loader

Ref: 32983

Good, Box Excellent
Price: 19.00

Yellow with white cab roof. The loader arms may be raised and lowered, supported by a 'hydraulic' ram. Similarly the bucket may be tilted for unloading. The cab has a detailed black interior. Kramer Allrad logos on the sides and rear. The wheels are red plastic with black tyres.

In good-to-excellent condition with a few chips along the edges of the mudguards. The model comes in a yellow and black Kramer Allrad branded box which is in good shape.

Scale: 1:50
Length: 106mm.
Approx Years: c1985 -
Model Condition: Good, Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 185g

191 Kramer Allrad Wheel Loader

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