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NZG 638 HBM-Nobas Motor Grader BG 190 TA-3

NZG 638 HBM-Nobas Motor Grader BG 190 TA-3

Ref: 32989

Mint, Box Excellent

Price: 43.00


This is a highly detailed model of a Motor Grader. In 'Temmink' colours of orange-yellow with dark green wheels and mudguards. The rear wheel pairs pivot up and down and the front wheels are both pivoted and steerable. The other moving parts feature 'hydraulic' pistons and hoses. The rear ripper and front dozer blade can be moved up and down. The profiler blade swivels, slides from side to side and tilts forward and back; in addition the profile angle may be adjusted. The grader's chassis is articulated at the front of the cab, which has a detailed black interior. Exterior detailing includes lights, mirrors and 'Temmink' lettering and logo in black and green.

This example is as new and comes in an excellent illustrated box with expanded polystyrene inner.

Scale: 1:50
Length: 209mm.
Approx Years: c2000s -
Model Condition: Mint, Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 549g

638 HBM-Nobas Motor Grader BG 190 TA-3

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