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Oxford Diecast 4 Vehicle Set 'Radio Times'

Oxford Diecast 4 Vehicle Set 'Radio Times'

Ref: 33555

Limited edition
Mint, box Excellent

Price: 15.00

This is a set of four boxed limited edition models celebrating the Radio Times in the 1930s. They are:

160G Morris Bullnose Van
White, red chassis, blue roof.
No. 8882 in an edition of 70000

C009 Chevrolet Truck
Yellow, black chassis.
No, 15259 in an edition of 70000

078T Ford Model T
Dark cream, brown chassis, grey roof.
No, 8908 in an edition of 70000

B43 AEC Bus
Red lower body and steps, cream upper body, black chassis and upper deck floor, grey-brown upper deck seats.
No. 6747 in an edition of 40000

The models are as new and come in excellent window boxes complete with certificates of authenticity. An Oxford Diecasts leaflet is also included.

Length of bus: 99mm.
Condition: Mint, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 560g

4 Vehicle Set 'Radio Times'

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