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Siku 2212 Unimog Snow Plough

Siku 2212 Unimog Snow Plough

Ref: 34226

Excellent, unboxed

Price: 11.25

Orange-yellow, black chassis and mudguards. Black driver's door mirror and exhaust, amber tinted windows and twin roof lights. Red and white striped markers on the rear corners. Matt black grille with 'Unimog' and Mercedes badges. The detachable plough blade has red plastic marker flags and a silver metal lifting mechanism supported by a single 'hydraulic' ram. Black plastic wheels with 'Siku' printed detailing.

This model is in excellent condition with just a small mark on the plough blade. One of the rear decals has been applied at an angle.

Scale: 1:55
Length: 136mm.
Approx Years: 1984 - 1988
Condition: Excellent, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 188g

2212 Unimog Snow Plough

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