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Siku 2914 Faun Crane Truck

Siku 2914 Faun Crane Truck

Ref: 32704

Mint, Box Fair
Price: 17.50

This 3-axle crane truck is yellow with a red base. The crane has a red body and a two-part telescopic boom; the outer section is yellow with black stipes and 'Siku' on the side, and the inner section is black plastic. The crane can be slewed and the boom raised and lowered, supported by twin 'hydraulic' rams. The silver metal hook is corded and may be wound up and down using the black knobs at the rear. The truck is equipped with four extendible silver metal stabilisers and a tow hook. The cab has a red interior, yellow tinted windows and twin roof lights, and door mirrors. The wheels are black plastic with pale grey printed design.

In mint condition; there are some marks on the edge of one of the hydraulic ram mounting points, but this is stray black paint from manufacturing. The window box is complete but rather battered.

Length: 170mm.
Approx Years: 1979 - 1992
Model Condition: Mint, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 569g

2914 Faun Crane Truck

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