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Spot-On 111A/1 Thames Trader with Trailer 'British Railways'

Spot-On 111A/1 Thames Trader with Trailer 'British Railways'

Ref: 35106

Fair, Box Good

Price: 95.00

This Ford Thames Trader is finished in the British Railways 'blood and custard' livery of maroon and cream. The tractor unit has a black chassis, off-white interior and silver bumper, grille and headlights. '4884 BG M' on the cab doors. The trailer has a drop-down tailgate, 'M1741 GT6' and 'BRITISH RAILWAYS' on the sides, and an 'LXQ 111' number plate on the rear. The trailer may be decoupled by pressing a lever on the chassis, and jockey wheels drop down automatically. The main wheels are unpainted cast metal with black tyres.

This example has been well played-with, and there is heavy paint loss from the coupling and rear mudguards, largely hidden when the trailer is attached. Elsewhere there is general moderate chipping but the lettering is well preserved. The articulated jockey wheel assembly should be attached to the trailer by a rivet, but this has been replaced with a nut, bolt and washer. The tailboard is intact and the tyres are good, although there are slight flat spots on the trailer ones.

The model comes in its original box, which is in good condition with general ageing and part tears at the corners of the lid. It still contains one internal packing piece.

Scale: 1:42
Length: 220mm.
Approx Years: 1959 - 1967
Condition: Fair, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 531g

111A/1 Thames Trader with Trailer 'British Railways'

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