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Teama Tractor with Front Loader

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 Teama Tractor with Front Loader

Ref: 33972

Excellent. Unboxed

Price: 4.50

Green and light grey tractor with front loader. The front loader may be raised and lowered, supported by four 'hydraulic' rams. 'Tractor TP800 labels on the sides of the engine cover in white. The cab has a charcoal coloured frame with clear glazing and a green roof which seems to be the only metal component in this otherwise plastic model. The detailed cab interior is dark grey as is the exhaust stack. The wheels are black with yellow centres and the front ones have fingertip steering. There is an extendable tow hook at the rear.

In excellent condition, one small chip on the edge of the cab roof.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 189mm.
Approx Years: 2000s -
Condition: Excellent. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 206g

Teama Tractor with Front Loader

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