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Tekno 786 MiG 15 Jet Plane

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Tekno 786 MiG 15 Jet Plane

Ref: 32779

Good, unboxed

Price: 24.00

This fighter aircraft is in military green with clear plastic cockpit canopy. Russian markings: red stars with yellow borders on the top and bottom of the wings, and on each side of the rear fuselage and tail. '117' in white with black borders on either side of nose. Unusually for such a small scale model it has retractable undercarriage with tiny black plastic wheels.

This example has some paint chipping on the tailplane and light rubbing elsewhere but the decals are excellent. One of the fuel tanks has been glued on, and I think the rear part of the fuselage has been secured with glue as well. Nevertheless the undercarriage still works and the model displays well.

Scale: 1:125
Wingspan: 79mm.
Approx Years: c1960s -
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 54g

786 MiG 15 Jet Plane

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