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Tri-ang Boats 414S Derwent 14in Cabin Cruiser

Tri-ang Boats 414S Derwent 14in Cabin Cruiser

Ref: 33541

Good, box Fair

Price: 19.50

This battery-powered plastic cabin cruiser has a white hull, and brown deck and cabin with cream roof. Chrome small parts including anchor, light and cleats. 'DERWENT' labels on each side of the bow, and 'DERWENT LONDON' on the stern.

The cabin roof may be removed to gain access to the battery compartment and motor. The model is designed to be powered by two Eveready 1839 3V batteries; these are now obsolete, but you can use four C size batteries instead, although they are a tight fit lengthwise. With adjustable rudder and on/off switch at the rear of the cabin.

In good condition. There is slight damage to the tip of the bow, which has been repaired. A couple of cleats and the stern flag are missing, but the removable mast and pennant are still present. The motor runs and the propeller turns. The model comes in its original card box with illustrated label, fairly heavily worn.

Length: 356mm.
Approx Years: 1960s -
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 795g

414S Derwent 14in Cabin Cruiser

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