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Tri-ang Boats 415S 14in Electric Speedboat

Tri-ang Boats 415S 14in Electric Speedboat

Ref: 38324

Reservation limit: 60 days
Fair, box Fair

Price: 7.50

This battery-powered plastic speedboat has a white hull, and red deck with white engine cover. Chrome small parts including anchor and cleats. Cream steering wheel and detailed instrument panel.

Powered by two C size batteries, with adjustable rudder and on/off switch in the middle of the front seat.

In fair condition, with slight age discolouration. The windscreen and rear flag are missing, and a couple of chrome parts are broken. The motor runs well, although the plastic mountings are broken so it is held in place with a cable tie. The switch also needs replacing.

In its original card box with illustrated label - some age wear.

Length: 353mm.
Approx Years: 1960s -
Condition: Fair, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 745g

415S 14in Electric Speedboat

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