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Dinky 170 Ford Fordor Sedan

Dinky 170 Ford Fordor Sedan

Ref: 37324

REDUCED PRICE: was 65.75
Reservation limit: 30 days
Good, box Poor

Price: 49.31

Red, with silver bumpers, headlights and grille. 'FORD SEDAN' cast into the underside of the roof. This one has baseplate with small lettering, inherited from 139a, the pre-1954 catalogue number. The wheels have maroon cast ridged hubs.

This one is good, with bright paintwork but some scattered paint chips on the sides and roof. The tyres are excellent. The box is very poor, having lost its flaps and been repaired with tape.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 105mm.
Approx Years: 1954 - 1956
Condition: Good, box Poor
Shipping Weight: 159g

170 Ford Fordor Sedan

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