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Lone Star

The Lone Star brand was launched in 1951 by Diecast Machine Tools (DCMT), who had until 1949 been manufacturing on behalf of Crescent Toys. DCMT/Lone Star became well-known for its toy guns, but also produced hollow-cast lead and, later, plastic figures. The company joined the diecast vehicle bandwagon in 1956 with its Roadmaster series, with the Roadmaster Impy range following in 1966. Other ranges included OOO scale push-along and electric trains, which effectively pioneered todays N gauge model railways. DCMT went into receivership in 1983 and the Lone Star brand was acquired by a German company, production moving to Hong Kong in 1988. Nowadays the Lone Star name is owned by the Heinrich Bauer Group, a producer of toy guns.

Lone Star 17 Mercedes Benz 220 SE

17 Mercedes Benz 220 SE

 7.50  each
Ref: 41905
Lone Star 622 Mercedes 280 SL

622 Mercedes 280 SL

 2.00  each
Ref: 38722
Lone Star 1254 Fork Lift Truck

1254 Fork Lift Truck

 22.50  each
Ref: 35980
Lone Star 1257 Farm King Tractor

1257 Farm King Tractor

 3.00  each
Ref: 41329