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Lone Star 1254 Fork Lift Truck

Lone Star 1254 Fork Lift Truck

Ref: 35980

Excellent, box Poor

Price: 34.50

Red, with white plastic seat and protection cage. 'Builders Supply Company' label on the side in yellow/gold and blue. A handle on the side of the mast winds the forks up and down, and the mast may be tilted, held in place by a 'hydraulic' piston. All wheels are black plastic, the front ones with a silver hub design, and the rear one is steered by moving a lever on the rear deck.

In excellent condition, with just a few small marks on the forks. The only significant defect is that the locating pin on one of the cage uprights has broken off; this doesn’t detract from the appearance on display. The box is rather crumpled, with no inner tray and some tearing to the window.

A scarce model, particularly in this condition.

Length: 115mm.
Approx Years: 1980 -
Condition: Excellent, box Poor
Shipping Weight: 255g

1254 Fork Lift Truck

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