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About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed by websites on your device (computer, tablet or phone). They are used to store information that may be needed while browsing the website, or on a future visit. This may include personal data, or anonymous information such as previously visited pages or items placed in your shopping basket.

Cookies expire automatically after a certain time. Some, called Session Cookies, are deleted when you close your web browser. Others, called Persistent Cookies, may expire after several hours, days or longer. Typically these are used to remember your preferences for future visits to a website. You can delete cookies manually whenever you wish via your browser.

By changing your browser settings you can refuse to accept 'third party' cookies, which are usually not essential. You can also set your browser to block all cookies, but this will prevent this website and many others from working properly and you will not be able to make purchases online.

Tortoys Website Cookies

Here are the cookies used by this website. We DO NOT use cookies to store payment information such as credit card details. See also our Privacy and Security Policy.

Cookie NameDescriptionExpiry
ACTINIC_REFERRERReturns the customer to the last page visited after completion of the checkout.Sessional
LAST_SECTION_URLUsed by the 'BACK' link on the Product Page, to return the visitor to the correct Section Page.Sessional
ACTINIC_BUSINESSLogin digest for logged in customers (we don't utilise this at the moment).Sessional
PARENT_SIDRemembers the catalogue section that the last product you looked at belongs to.3 hours
ACTINIC_CARTRecords the session data for your shopping basket.3 hours
CART_CONTENTStores the number and value of items in your shopping basket so that a summary can be displayed.3 hours
ACTINIC_RECENTRemembers items for the Recently Viewed Products list, to help you find them again.12 hours
TORTOYSRemembers if the 'Cookie Consent' message has been displayed, so you don't have to keep seeing it over and over again!180 days
ACTINIC_CONTACTIf you tick the 'Remember Me' box when you check out, this cookie will remember your contact details so you won't have to type them in again if you place another order in the future.2 years
is_uniqueThis is a 'third party' cookie set by www.statcounter.com. We use Statcounter to see how many unique visitors we have to our website. This cookie simply remembers whether you have visited Tortoys before, so if you visit us lots of times Statcounter will only count you once. This cookie does not store any personal data. Nevertheless, you can opt to refuse this cookie here. 5 years


This policy was updated on 14th April 2018.