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Atlas Editions

This section includes all models made for, and marketed under, Atlas Editions and other DeAgostini brands. Manufacturers include Norev and PCT.

Atlas Editions 943 Leyland Octopus Tanker 'Esso'

943 Leyland Octopus Tanker 'Esso'

Dinky Toys replica
Excellent, box Excellent

Ref: 40274

Price: 12.00

Atlas Editions 4655501 RTW Double Decker 'London Transport'

4655501 RTW Double Decker 'London Transport'

Great British Buses
Reservation limit: 60 days
Excellent, box Good

Ref: 36438

Price: 5.00

Atlas Editions 7147012 Robur LO 1800 A

Ref: 39469

Price: 6.00

Atlas Editions 7147027 Bedford RLHZ 'Green Goddess'

Ref: 39470

Price: 6.00


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